The Rules

Welcome to the open challenge!

Every week, a challenge will be made. This challenge consists of any word(s). For example; 'vintage', 'rock', 'mustache', 'slingshot', 'grandma', etc. It can be anything! 

Part of the challenge is the panel limit assigned every week. It varies and can consist of any number as small as 4, to 100, or even no limit.

As of now, the challenges are assigned like this..... Every week, everyone who participates in the challenge can/will also submit a challenge idea. At the end of that week's challenge, we'll take all of the challenge ideas assigned and take a random pick at them, and assign them a number.

When your challenge is done and up somewhere online, just comment with the link, and we'll post all of them on the final day. And if you REALLY want to do this, then just send an email to to be added as a member of the blog!

This is a great way to practice, create, and exercise this stuff. Have FUN with it!


  1. This sounds great! I am totally going to try and participate!

    1. Awesome, man! If you want to be added as a member, just send an email to